Viral pneumonia treatment steroids

Dr Galler appeared on New Zealand television claiming to be an authority and medical expert in the care of the ICU critically ill patient.  To then make statements amounting to a public admission of ignorance of his own specialty literature is a profound embarrassment to him and to the Ministry of Health that appointed him Advisor.  For Allan Smith’s ICU doctors to witness a patient’s dramatic recovery from sure death, and then deny the effectiveness of the treatment is astounding display of denying the obvious, and an embarrassment to the medical system in New Zealand.  This is tantamount to holding up a hand in front of a person’s face who then steadfastly denies a hand is in front of his face.  It can also be compared to the ridiculous scenario of “denying” that parachutes are lifesaving, and insisting on “proof” by requiring a placebo controlled study.  Two men jump out of a plane, one with a parachute and one without a parachute, to “prove” parachutes are effective.

Bacterial pneumonias are treated with antibiotic medications selected based upon the results of blood culture and sensitivity testing to identify the exact microorganisms causing the infection. Even if the primary cause of pneumonia is not bacterial, many veterinarians recommend a full course of broad-spectrum antibiotics, because secondary bacterial lung infections are extremely common. The oral antibiotic regimen usually continues for 3 or 4 weeks, and at least 1 week after clinical signs and radiographic evidence of respiratory disease have normalized.

Viral pneumonia treatment steroids

viral pneumonia treatment steroids


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