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Keep up the beekeeping! The world needs you! As far as honey in your coffee goes, technically it could cause a reaction in your skin. However, what I see personally, as well as what I see in my clinic, is a bit different. My recommendation is to avoid topical and ingested honey, propolis, and beeswax until the rash is completely gone and your skin returns completely to normal. Then, once your skin is no longer inflamed, you can try adding honey back into your diet. If it causes itching, stop ingestion. But if you have no reaction, you should be able to consume it in small amounts. You should continue to avoid topical use of honey, propolis and beeswax indefinitely and I would avoid internal consumption of propolis and beeswax as well (so don’t chew honeycomb, either). Report back if all goes well – I like to hear success stories!

It is nice to find this such an informative and interactive website.
I have a question about my 25 years toothless gum. I am 37 years old now, and just realised my gum has been shrinking for ages and the appearance similar like on the 3rd picture (comparison between bone loss from extraction and socket bone prservation graft ) you provided above. The toohless gum is thin and shorter than the others.
The question is, can the tooths next to it move to that toothless gum by using braces? I went to an Ortho Doctor and he said it can move. His advice was based on the X-ray I took on his place and his explanation was the bone was still there. But I still wonder due to that toothless gum is smaller than the tooths next to it.
I hope I could get your opinion 😊.
Thanks a lot Doctor Ramsey.

Tmw steroids

tmw steroids


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