Subdeltoid bursitis steroid injection

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The shoulder joint is under an incredible amount of stress due to the many forces that act upon it throughout the typical day. The shoulder must support the entire weight of the arm and whatever the arm moves, while also providing a wide range of motion. The deltoid muscle abducts the arm, which is a common motion performed while lifting heavy objects. As the deltoid muscle contracts superior to the shoulder, it rubs against the head of the humerus and the joint capsule, which would cause irritation to the delicate structures of the joint. The subdeltoid bursa absorbs the shock and friction at the joint to protect the underlying structures.

This is important because once blood vessels are blocked or damaged , they can no longer carry oxygenated blood through the tissue and tissue cells begin to break-down . Without cold compression therapy cellular break-down and tissue damage continues as the cells don't get the oxygen they need to survive. By limiting the amount of damage done to your tendon, you also limit the amount of healing that needs to occur. This is a very important step to heal tendon injuries faster and with less pain! This is why you need to treat your shoulder pain right after it's hurt, when you notice pain / swelling / inflammation, or directly after a re-injury. Applying a ColdCure Wrap ® right away will stop the damage immediately and unblock your blood vessels to let your body's natural blood flow in to start healing the tissue.

Subdeltoid bursitis steroid injection

subdeltoid bursitis steroid injection


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