Serena before and after steroids

En route to the tournament to crown the inaugural Shimmer Champion , Deeb was involved in a car crash and thus could not participate. An interview with her opened Volume 12 , where she revealed her desire to challenge the eventual Shimmer Champion having missed out on her tournament opportunity, but still could not maintain a winning streak, falling victim to Rain [25] and later her tag team partner Jetta . [24] After being eliminated from a 20-woman Battle Royal to determine the Shimmer Championship contender during Volume 19 , Deeb pinpointed former champion Sara Del Rey for her next match, but came up short. [26] Following this, Volume 21 opened with another interview where Deeb maintained she was championship material and blamed her loss to Del Rey on an injury. Her attempt to demand another match resulted in Del Rey calling her bottom of the barrel and refusing but an impromptu brawl turned into a sanctioned match where Deeb once again put up a strong effort, but lost. The event closed with Deeb talking backstage about how the defeat would not stop her in trying to become champion at which point MsChif, the Shimmer Champion, commended her drive and ambition and offered her a match on the condition of beating Del Rey.

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Serena before and after steroids

serena before and after steroids


serena before and after steroidsserena before and after steroidsserena before and after steroidsserena before and after steroidsserena before and after steroids