Myogen steroids

Malay Tiger Ltd. is a privately owned company based in Malaysia. They are a research-based pharmaceutical and biotechnology company dedicated to developing and manufacturing products designed to improve the quality of life. Since 1984, the pharmaceutical company Malay tiger has had a significant corporate presence in Malaysia and has since grown to a responsible and independent Malaysian company to further enhancing quality of life for all. Years of experience perfected their manufacturing process.
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Overall, this led to a fairly irregular level of hormonal output occurring. Whilst base testosterone levels were certainly enhanced, this ‘evolved’ release was difficult to optimise and sustain. For this reason, ‘long’ esters were developed. Partly as a means of providing convenience for those who wished for a less frequent administration of their product, and in part to help establish a more “levelled” release of the product they were attached to. The downside to this was that longer acting esters took (and still do take) a fairly substantial amount of time to release / integrate themselves into the system. What users gained in ‘sustainability’, they lost in instant ‘gratification.’

Myogen steroids

myogen steroids


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