Fungus infected steroid injections

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Antibiotics may be the single greatest cause of Candidiasis, because antibiotic treatment for infections kills the "good" intestinal bacteria, as well as the targeted infection-causing bacteria. Normally yeast that is present in the gastrointestinal tract is held in check by the presence of "beneficial flora" that control yeast and other potential invaders by crowding them out and by producing natural antifungal substances. Acidophilus and other good bacteria produce most of our B vitamins, including biotin. IMPORTANT Biotin suppresses the ability of yeast to form hyphae, thus preventing the yeast from entering its invasive state. However, when biotin is lacking, as a result of damage by antibiotics to Acidophilus, Bifidobacteria, and other intestinal microbes, yeast has a chance to change from it's simple yeast form into the damaging fungal form.

The good news: Black mold is treatable with a drug named voriconazole, with far fewer side effects than the older treatment initially recommended when the outbreak began. Kauffman cautioned doctors to carefully monitor patients because differences in metabolism can make levels surge in the bloodstream, causing hallucinations, confusion, nausea and occasionally liver damage. On the flip side, their bodies may process the drug too quickly to battle the fungus. Plus, voriconazole can interact badly with a list of other common medications.

Fungus infected steroid injections

fungus infected steroid injections


fungus infected steroid injectionsfungus infected steroid injectionsfungus infected steroid injectionsfungus infected steroid injectionsfungus infected steroid injections