Does steroids kill brain cells

So I’ve managed to get some pain meds, but am afraid to let the doctor know b/c he may lable me a drug abuser or something. It’s just tramadol, but was recently added to the controlled substances list. It’s so awful. I have a paradoxical reaction to opioids & opioid-like meds & sometimes they’re the only thing that means that I can get up, get dressed, get things done, & breathe w/o shortness of breath. It’s so scary. I am afraid that I’m going to wind up in some horrible facility or something and lose all my freedom and independence. I didn’t clean my apt. for over a year. Things are so bad for me.

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Does steroids kill brain cells

does steroids kill brain cells


does steroids kill brain cellsdoes steroids kill brain cellsdoes steroids kill brain cellsdoes steroids kill brain cellsdoes steroids kill brain cells