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To condense the arguments, I see both sides. All I will say is this. Regardless of whether sign stealing is a part of the game, and regardless of my loathing for the Yankees, and additionally, regardless of my loathing of league favoritism for the Yankees (See the fact that Sanchez was allowed to play and the arbitration results withheld prior to this weekends series) it all doesn’t matter.
This still looks bad on Sox management and shows a troubling pattern of behavior. In the past two years we have lost draft picks due to attempting to exploit loopholes everyone does, the difference here is the degree in which other teams do.
I’m not saying don’t try to gain any advantage, but it would behoove the Sox not to be so blatantly moronic as to essentially put a neon sign saying “we are doing something questionable here” for all the world to see.

"When (union officials) spoke to players, we never told them that they tested positive; we told them they are on a list, and that the government may incorrectly or correctly conclude that the player tested positive and therefore, may feel the player warrants further observation," said Orza. "There is no way the Yankees could have leaked Ortiz's name. The clubs did not have that list. I'm not saying Ortiz was on any list. But if he is on a list, it doesn't mean he tested positive. And if he was on a list, whether or not he tested positive, the Yankees would not have known that."

Big papi ortiz steroids

big papi ortiz steroids


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