Anate steroid

This guy is such a scammer , " Dr Morse ". He thinks foods effect ph of blood. Really? Does he not understand stomach acid changes ph of everything and it must be neutralized by alkalinity upon entering the duodenum or else it'll burn your intestine away? Proteins have not been shown to cause " kidney damage " as they are not the same ph after digestion. He doesn't talk about the importance of vitamin D3 either. Vitamin D3 reduces 80 percent of all cancers. Hm. Brandon cintron was his best student and stopped following him because he scammed some sick lady, and he became sick like many others. If you eat food from nature, you'll be fine. How has the ketogenic diet been proven to reverse kidney disease, fatty liver disease, and cancer? The list goes on an on. We need NUTRITION not FRUIT an lymph. Nutrition will move lymph because its a transporter of alkaline minerals. Salt potassium v itamin D3 iodine etc all absorb into lymph and move it. We need NUTRITION for the adrenals for the kidneys to function. Not fruit. I could rant all day. Dont follow this guy I ruined my health following this bullcrap.

I feel your pain - I have had 2 pregnancies with this condition - it was called polymorphic eruption of pregnancy by my dermatologist. it started at around 15-16 weeks in my first pregnancy. I found my midwife had never seen anything like it and kept suggesting bicarb of soda in my bath - i was ready to kill her after a while.....

Eventually got referred to a dermatologist which helped a lot.

I was given an absolute ton of different antihistamines - piriton (about 10-12 a day from memory) + a bunch of other ones + steroid cream.

The tablets helped a little but I think once the scratching has begun it is very difficult to stop. I used to get a body brush to try and avoid using my nails as my skin got badly infected from the broken sores.

I had this for almost the entirety of my first pregnancy and i was left pretty badly scarred by the infected parts of the rash and got the most incredible stretch marks which I was told were part of the condition. Oh Joy.

Second time around it was much much milder and i was given the mega doses of tablets a lot earlier and it kept it at bay. I had talked it through with my gp before trying for the baby. I found it much more bearable and didn't have anything like the same amount of itching. It started earler at around 12 weeks but by the time i had my daughter it had been almost completely driven away by the gazillion tablets with just small patches of rash left that the creams kept the itch away from.

The thing I found that helped the most was a mixture of calamine aqueous cream and menthol. The hospital pharmacy made it up - one of those old fashioned recipes. I found it took the itch away which allowed me to sleep = which in turn gave my skin a chance to heal and the tablets to work a little......

I was also induced early as my dermatologist recommeded this to my ob/gyn as it was clear I was in one hell of a state. Immediately after giving birth the condition started to calm down and was gone within weeks.

Many hormones and their structural and functional analogs are used as medication . The most commonly prescribed hormones are estrogens and progestogens (as methods of hormonal contraception and as HRT ), [12] thyroxine (as levothyroxine , for hypothyroidism ) and steroids (for autoimmune diseases and several respiratory disorders ). Insulin is used by many diabetics . Local preparations for use in otolaryngology often contain pharmacologic equivalents of adrenaline , while steroid and vitamin D creams are used extensively in dermatological practice.

Anate steroid

anate steroid


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