Anabolic agents definition

k) Impotence
When first administering steroids, a man will have an increase in sexual function. This unfortunately is only temporary as your body becomes used to the steroid in its system. With prolonged use of a steroid, eventually, the man will feel less sexual desire, and will be less capable of maintaining an erection. Luckily, this is only temporary as well and can even be totally prevented with the use of substance such as Gonakor and HCG. Also when the steroid use is discontinued, the body’s natural level of testosterone (like the immune system) will certainly be suppressed.

The difference between anabolic steroids (AS) as doping agents and other drugs, such as amphetamines and cocaine, is that AS may be used during training sessions to produce improvements, but their use can be ceased before the competition and therefore the chance of detection in drugs tests may be reduced. Anabolic steroids are usually used in cycles. An "on-cycle" is the number of weeks for which the AS is used; an "on-cycle" is generally followed by an a period of abstinence from AS, or "off-cycle". The concomitant use of other drugs, such as masking agents, to avoid detection in drugs test, . Probnecid, or drugs to ameliorate the adverse effects of AS has become part of AS-using culture. 2

Anabolic agents definition

anabolic agents definition


anabolic agents definitionanabolic agents definitionanabolic agents definitionanabolic agents definitionanabolic agents definition